“A non-brand is a commodity. It cannot command a premium. It is no different from its competitors. The name has no equity: it cannot be sold for use by someone else. It demeans the buyer and the seller.” – Professor Gary Davies


Protect the brand. You protect the business. Ignore the business. You may as well forget your brand. 

At Satsuma we understand marketing. We’re geeks. Our approach to marketing starts higher up, and also from deeper within an organisation. The Satsuma Brand Development Model reduces the ‘Build the Brand’ vs. ‘Build the Business’ debate to semantics and focuses only on the key issues. 

We understand there is much more to a brand than nice logo design and great looking brochures. Your brand is the customers’ point of reference; but it defines your company, its values, products and services. We think marketing, brand and business development are a little bit too important to leave to the graphic design team. 

The development of effective and pragmatic marketing solutions requires a good and holistic appreciation of the marketing and business mixes, the business environment (the playing field), as well as an honest approach to assessing the available resources of an organisation; strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

Marketing Services

PART 1: Strategy Development 

  • Market Research (see Research)                              
  • Marketing Audits (see Business Development)
  • Marketing Strategies and Action Plans                       

PART 2: Implementation 

  • Marketing Project Management (see Business Development and Communications)