Case Study: Employee Attitude Survey

Client Organisation: A UK local authority


Research Management & Internal Marketing

Secure a reasonable response to an Employee Attitude Survey so that management decisions could be made based on the findings.

Key challenge: Overcome issues of deep mis-trust of the organisation felt by employees, and also the problem of “survey fatigue”, so that a borough-wide staff survey could be conducted; something that delivers representative and usable findings.


The Client was already proactive in terms of engaging with its internal market, but was still struggling to engage widely. Using much of this initial research and we worked with the Client to develop a marketing communications strategy which sought to address key issues and barriers. We then put in place a detailed project action plan to support the conducting of the Client’s first ever staff survey.

We developed all key messages and every piece of collateral; overseeing every stage in the implementation of the plan.

Logistical information: Sample size 10,000+ employees across multiple locations. Format: paper (not online)


We received a 64% response rate – compared to the average of approximately 15%-20%. The external research analysts who worked on the data advised us that it was the most successful result within a UK local authority up to that date.