What Role Do Men Play In Creating Diversity In The Workplace?

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The recent firestorm created by the memo from a Google engineer struck the nerve of workplace diversity in a painful way. The article led many people to denounce the employee for a harmful generalization that continued decades of pigeonholing of women as non-technical, non-scientific employees incapable of performing key coding, engineering and technical jobs that today’s economy relies on.

Rather than re-litigate an argument that we know has already been won, let’s focus our efforts on how to create meaningful diversity in today’s workforce that helps companies grow and remain profitable.

Nonprofits are in a unique position to take a supportive stance on the subject and proactively collaborate with for-profit organizations to create innovative programs that make a real dent in difficult workplace problems like diversity and inclusion. As a leader within an organization that focuses on supporting women and minorities, diversity and inclusion are a natural fit for my team and me. But, there’s an opportunity for other nonprofits to lend their voice and expertise as well, regardless of their focus.

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Article by: Karen Horting,  Executive Director & CEO at the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), overseeing global initiatives in support of women in engineering and tech.

Source: Forbes


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