“Everything an organisation says or does communicates a message. It is also the case however, that what is not said or done can at times communicate an equally powerful message.”


Management of communication is critical to brand integrity and business development, as well as all areas of organisational success.

An important part of the work of Satsuma is in making sure that every aspect of your communication with all publics or stakeholders, internal or external, is carefully and consistently understood, and then managed.

The Satsuma Stakeholder Model™ has been developed to manage and articulate the process in a way that enables the fluid delivery of a Communications Action Plan that can support the management of cross stakeholder relations.

Communications Services include:

Communications Audits

Communications Strategies

Internal Marketing & Communications

Campaign management and production:

  • Corporate ID and Branding
  • Public Relations
  • Press and media
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorships and Direct Marketing
  • Print and multi-media: Graphic design and production
  • Event organising and management
  • Photography

Our understanding of strategic marketing and business development helps us to provide solutions, which are able to meet wider business objectives as well as your specific communications needs.