Business Development & Planning

“All recommendations made within a business or marketing strategy regarding new markets, developing new services, dealing with competition and other external issues, will have an impact on the internal workings and resources of an organisation i.e. how the business is run.” –  Ohajah (1999)


At Satsuma we consider this area to be as important a part of the marketing of an organisation, as the sales, advertising or PR strategy.

All issues relating to the internal market, including human, IT and financial resources are considered in accordance with any externally focused recommendations made.

Without due consideration of the internal configuration of resources, a company is likely to make external promises that it cannot hope to keep.

Who you really are is important to us.

Business Development Services

  • Internal Reviews/Audits
  • Internal Communications: Strategy & Planning
  • Business Plans
  • Business Action Plans: A “skinny” version of the above. Ideal for organisations who are not looking to raise investor funds or those who may just want an easier to use checklist and guidance solution.