Case study: Get fit for 2012!

Business Area: Event Design & Management

Client: NEWTEC


NEWTEC is training provider based in east London. Their focus is childcare, but they recently began moving into the area of business support. This was confirmed when they converted one of their training buildings into part-serviced business premises for hire.

They had also secured funding to provide business support to companies in specific postcode areas.

The problems were that:

  1. Too few people had heard of NEWTEC in the business support community
  2. The facility (i.e. the building) was not widely known


  • Produce an event that will raise the profile of the new business centre and the services of NEWTEC
  • Target: 60 people (SMEs)
  • Timeframe from sign off: 3 weeks to event


  • We designed an event format that we felt would attract SMEs: “Get fit for 2012!” was the event concept we created
  • Designed and produced all marketing collateral including; E-flyers and invites
  • Managed all aspects of the marketing of the event


  • Secured support from a number of bodies in terms of giving presentations (including Newham College and LDA/London2012 unit)
  • Standing room only! Produced successful event which attracted just over 70 SMEs (achieved within approximately 8-10 days of starting actual marketing activities)