Satsuma joins Twitter…”what took you so long?”

| 15/03/2014 | 0 Comments

After much deliberation Satsuma has finally joined Twitter. But the real question most are asking is “what took you so long?”

Satsuma’s MD, Godwin Ohajah, is put on the spot, “To be honest, we have been doing Twitter for a number of years. But essentially to support clients and projects, so it’s all been a bit behind the scene really.”

He continues, “Part of the reason we decided to come out, so to speak, is because having recently completed the business plan for 2014-2016 it became very clear that we might have a few things to talk about ourselves, some of which people might actually want to listen to.”

He concludes, “You won’t read about the feeding habits of the ‘lesser-spotted Satsuma’ from us (ok, I made that up), but definitely our professional thoughts and opinions on industry issues, as well as Satsuma news and announcements.”


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