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A number of major brands, unable to access Olympics Games marketing opportunities are looking to capitalise on Olympic fever and take advertising packages leading up to the 2012 Paralympic Games. And with media sellers being ‘sensible’ with pricing, this is proving to be a canny move as demand for tickets reaches unprecedented levels. Let’s not forget that it’s being broadcast on a channel that offers TV advertising slots, something the Olympic Games via the BBC could not offer sponsors.

Interest in the Paralympic Games has undoubtedly been generated by Team GB’s massive medal haul during ‘Phase 1’ of the Olympic Games. But some credit has to go to Channel 4’s impressive ‘Meet the Superhumans’ TV ad campaign being run at the moment.

Click here to see the ‘Meet the Superhumans’ advert

If you didn’t make it any of the venues then ‘main sponsors’ were barely visible. Channel 4’s TV Sponsor Sainsburys look set to secure a level of exposure – for the 2 weeks of activity – which could eclipse the combined exposure for all of the main sponsors during their 2 weeks of the Games. The final stats will make interesting reading.

#ThanksForTheWarmup is the over-arching strapline for the lead-up to the Paralympic Games and we are told by London2012 that we’re heading towards the first Paralympic Games where tickets might sell out. Attempts today to purchase tickets via the London2012 website give huge credibility to this claim (Read: we still have no tickets!!!)

Click here to see the ThanksForTheWarmup trailer

Are we about to witness a marketing master class delivered by Sainsburys and the other Paralympic sponsors? Only time will tell.

But for now, thanks for the warm up London2012, and any chance of releasing some more tickets for the Wheelchair Rugby?

Click here to see the Wheelchair Rugby advert


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